Sunday, September 13, 2009

it's all over the place (and i don't just mean paper)

it's not even so much that my scrapbooking style has changed (it has or i would be cutting everyone's heads into heart shapes like i did in 1998 ;), but that life has changed the kids i scrapbook too. i always said i would scrapbook my kids right into university (yes, i realize the creepy sort of helicopter parent i've just cast myself as) i was sort of joking, but the thing is -- as they get older and their interests get more diverse and visions of what sort of people they're going to grow into start emerging, it's tempting to buckle down and double the craft and photography time and really document their multifaceted lives. i have cut down on my layouts' size (each one used to span an average of two pages and now most occasions fit onto one (even week long trips and birthdays) i try to just use that extra space in their albums to fit in more everyday stuff (from my five year old's toy pets to my almost nine year old's fort building to my twelve year old's facebook/technology obsession -- the things we would risk forgetting if we didn't record them somewhere.


  1. Melis9:18 PM

    love the have the right idea getting the small day to day stuff, because that's what they forget(when they are older) until pictures remind them of how crazy they were and how great it was.

  2. Tammy Trelenberg10:40 AM

    I agree... I took the most adorable... I mean "cool" pictures of Christian doing homework in his new room! I know Homework isn't picture worthy but the fact that he lives here now and is doing homework at our house is something that just tugs at my heartstrings.... something that will probably fall into regular, unexciting routine by Christmas!

  3. I used to do the same thing with my scrapbooking! I want to redo my kids baby albums because all of the pictures have been cut into shapes. lol It is amazing how much you change or how you want to do it changes!


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