Friday, September 04, 2009

being organized means never losing your chocolate

i think it's the craving that school routine thing and just in time for the kids going back next week, but i've been an organize-o-matic. last night it was the fridge (ok, that was partially because i forgot where i hid the chocolate and was checking if it was behind old leftovers ;) today it was this picnic basket find (perfect for extra shampoo and lotions) that inspired an overhaul of the hallway closet. it wasn't that bad to begin with -- but i crave those orderly house and home type closets. (towels are easy -- clothes are another story)
aside from my wannabe decorator whims, and in between a walk with the kids, assembling avocado cracker sandwiches, and picking up broken crayons; it was a fiction writing day -- it's going steady -- not as fast as i'd like but that's probably because i've been doing important stuff (you know, like taking pictures of the inside of my closets ;)

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  1. That looks great!! Must be the season change or back to school because the organization bug is everywhere :)


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