Wednesday, September 02, 2009

the downside of ordering things online is the waiting for them to arrive

it's making the mail checking process arduous.
so if those books and digital prints could get here quick (before i go crazy ;) that'd be lovely.

just watched a trailer of "the september issue". have collected those huge vogue tomes since, well forever... my earliest memories involve multiple teenaged cousins reading past issues all squished onto one bed while our parents were having after church coffee in the living room. so pysched to go see that. may have to organize some sort of reunion.

did a big (for me) run while dinner was cooking. i have yet to drive it and figure out how far i dragged myself along but it managed to just be a hair over an hour (5 min to be precise) so if i stay vague about the distance actually covered, it still sounds reasonably impressive ;)

off to watch a movie with D. yelling get to bed at the kidlets is not proving effective so signing off to add chasing to the instructions ;)

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