Thursday, September 10, 2009

delaying fall oh such a little bit

school's back in, what... only three days? and i already feel like the days are running away from me.

not that there's too many activities (we deliberately made this year not that) but the window between after school and bedtime seems so short -- got used to their summer schedule -- and now have to adjust to this one.

it's just me ;) the kids are right back into the swing of things and loving it

today was a beautiful finally get to those windows, repot the front planters, and paint a bit more of the house days (ok, that sounded like one of those calendars in the front of martha stewart living, but it wasn't ;) it doesn't happen often but it was an available day with fab weather. because of my strange fixation with moss -- looks like the tiniest of plush lawns to me -- my lawn is missing a bit of moss cover -- gotta sacrifice for the planters -- it looks so much cuter than bare dirt. at the garden shop, the 5 year old insisted on picking out cut flowers for his auntie who was at work -- he got some and an "i love you" card he painstakingly wrote his name on and we had to drop it off at her house mid-day. gotta love when your sister is so mom II to your boys.

seriously, i can't believe it, but no writing today. reading over steamed milk and later latte and even that sounds more leisurely than it was. will try again tommorow

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