Wednesday, September 09, 2009

a bit of fall fashion/journalism inspiration

popped over to this morning. gotta know the top 5 for fall ;)
turns out they are:
+ bright wool coat (ok, that appeals)
+ cardigan (check -- wardrobe full of them)
+ day dress (check)
+ white shirt (check)
+ leather jacket (probably won't get one of these unless I run across a fabulous vintage number)

other trends i like:
dark grey sparkle, country tweedy layers, ornamentation, short skirts with black tights (so a short girl favorite) and a little fur

ok, on to the more serious day's work-- the click, click of my keyboard -- fiction, kids are having a fun morning playing, and i have to brew another pot of coffee -- BFF cousin Stef stopping by. i told u it was important ;)

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  1. Haven't heard Sarah's Adia in a LONG time. Long. Time. That was a really cool treat when I clicked on your blog just now!

    Like the Sagan quote, below. No, LOVE the Sagan quote.

    And thanks for the heads up on InStyle's fall picks. Looks like my closet is in for a much needed overhaul. I'm fresh out of furs and country tweeds, haha.


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