Sunday, August 23, 2009

you know you're an incurable writer when...

... you log out of facebook and walk away only to worry about and then run back and correct grammar mistakes.

i'm stocked up on sleep after weeks of deprivation and the sun is shining. Thanks to d for fabulous (if calorie-laden) breaded pork and runny egg lunch and to the whole family for a great sleep-in morning. Littlest guy rearranged pillows and wrapped my feet in pillowcases while I snoozed. (and also stated his intention to become a librarian so rearranged the living room to be his training ground – the piano is no longer recognizable and I hope I will not find the inside cover of every book we own stamped but have not worked up the courage to check yet.)

In between bouts of sleeping, the kids and I watched a documentary on George Muller – super inspiring for his lifetime of charitable work – he opened multiple children’s homes for orphans in Charles Dicken’s England (in fact Dickens visited the homes and was so impressed he did a piece on them for the Times). Even more impressive than his work on the humanitarian front was his ability not to get bogged down in the details of worrying about how everything would get paid for and managed. Love the merging of the spiritually occupied mind and the practical implications for a person wanting to make a difference. Like the latin Benedictine quote my father quotes to me often – Ora et labora - (pray and work.)

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