Thursday, August 06, 2009

these are a few of my favorite things (giveaway link)

nothing like a whirlwind of a five year old (or two when his friends are over ;)

to make one's body say A NICE HOT BATH (for mommy after he goes to bed)
i l♥ve etsy, and locally made products, and gifts from my little sister
and my lavender bath salts from pure bath and body qualifies as all 3
officially zen
good night

while we're on the ♥s: i also love checking out other people's blogs. rebekah is hosting a giveaway on hers (starbucks, itunes, ali edwards products -- exciting stuff :) check it out here and follow the instructions to enter

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  1. Like your blog, your music, your style. Admire that you're a writer of novels (have always wanted to pen a book, myself).

    Love your "one hand" and Hitchcock comments.


    Thanks for the Yeebird comment.


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