Tuesday, August 25, 2009

post birthday - day 1

i love love love the thirties. (for a few years now) it feels like the same birthday every year. still don't know when the b-day drama will start. have a feeling i will be the ninety-four year old britt was describing last night one day. "ninety-four? are you sure?" ;)
had the best night out last night with 10 girlfriends + all you can eat sushi. fabu-delicious.
playgroup at the park this morning, then attempted (and successfully pulled off with book bribes) to take the youngest two mommy clothes shopping. lots of basics so for the rest of the year I only have to worry about finding funky things to match them -- takes the pressure right off shopping (i'm not a shopping for recreation girl -- don't get me wrong -- love the new stuff -- just find the process exhausting) would rather do something, read, write...
speaking of reading, i'm itching to get into "the tipping point" by malcolm gladwell -- book purchase du jour (thanks, trish :) it's been on my to-read list for a while.
ok, and the writing.... yes, i'm behind...

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