Tuesday, August 04, 2009

dr seuss and other wise people

it makes me sad when i meet people who measure others and themselves by the relentless acquisition of stuff. having a life you want full of the priorities that mean something to you rarely means the need to acquire, acquire, at the expense of more important stuff. (unless it does, and that's ok, but we probably won't be real close ;) not to mention a real dearth of interesting things to talk about, gotta have it materialism is empty (and exhausting) i just ran across this article on msn money and love it. entitled "stop trying to impress other people", this piece is spot on.
for additional fun encouragement on this life ride, read "oh the places you'll go" by dr.seuss. it gets more profound every time i read it ;)

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  1. I teach middle school and every year I read this book outloud with the kids as a read-around. Each student gets a different part to read. Then they set their goals for the school year. It is a great story, i agree, for all ages and many occasions.


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