Thursday, August 13, 2009

life in rainy day and craft paper bits

Yesterday’s post that never made it to the screen:

Aaahhh. The Life/work balance. It’s an elusive thing if you want a perfect balance every 24 hours (not that I don’t drive myself crazy trying sometimes ;) but it’s like the nutritional intake thing, better measured over the course of a week. Even though I know that (and write about it often) I am still finding myself noticing what it getting the short shrift at any given time. It’s a good thing, if I can just schedule the missing piece in the next available time slot; bad if it takes away from the current activity.
So, trying to be wise about it, (and planning to fit more work into late PM and early AM) and sleep another day.
Today is all about reading, park-hopping, and swimming with the kids.

And today’s:

1 of the 4 reads down. 3 to go. (they will sit on a stack and taunt me til I get to them)

It’s raining again today. Good thing I fit in that park, coffee with Tami, pool-time at Sylvia’s, running with Riley, and taking in Agassiz’s twilight concert with Jeevyn yesterday, Because today is all about rainy day crafts. The kids are pulling out huge reams of paper to sketch on – which warms my heart – those moments when they aren’t begging for some sort of technology (that same heart dreads the clean up later) but oh well… ;)

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