Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i'll write more tommorow

after work, i had a great late afternoon coffee at Starbucks (short sugar free cinnamon dolce cappucino -- mmm) with a former editor of mine today. it was great catching up and dishing on our current writing ventures. ok, hers is a bit more interesting than yours truly's -- travelling the world this year, touching base with humanitarian aid the world over and turning the experience into a glossy coffee table book with her husband. catch her journey here.
then i served sweet and sour pork stirfry with corn on the cob for dinner. ok, Chilliwack corn goes with everything and I dread the end of the season. love those sweet veggie carbs. (at least i'll still have yam fries after that)
a bit of corner gas with the family and then a late night run with the soccer girls -- that's what wednesdays are made of.

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  1. Sounds like a great day - hope Stacey and Jeevyn didn't work you too hard!

    I was at home running with the Wii Fit - lol. Can't leave the kids home alone to go out and exercise at night. One downside to being a single parent I suppose.


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