Saturday, August 08, 2009

a fast moving summer

i cannot believe how fast the summer is streaming by. i realize it's just the beginning of august, but i have all these outings i still want to fit into summer and i'm hoping there's going to be enough time for it all.
photo and digital fabulousness by rebekah -

the hot hot weather has subsided for now, so i'm taking this opportunity to do more work on the house (almost finished ripping up the kitchen floor -- middle boy R is being a great big help -- he's looking for ways to make $ so is embracing chores in a whole new way ;) and have moved on to finishing the floor in his room. can't wait for the day the hardwood is finished (in all its espresso stained and glossy sealed original hardwood glory) but there is satisfaction (to make up for the aggravation) of doing the work myself (not to mention more fun $ for me b/c i'm not paying someone else to do it)

creative me is wanting more time to do writing and crafting so i'm going to have to be more imaginative in carving out that time. hold me accountable. (i know it makes me a more relaxed -- read ==> nice ;) person in the long run)

on the woo-hoo front: i'm rebekah's starbucks winner. make sure to add her to your blogs to follow. i'm guessing more giveaways in the future and in the meantime -- fabulous scrapping ideas -- she's an inspiring recycling girl. love the eco and crafty combo :) make sure to look up her mini books -- they're beautiful. am definitely going to be a copycat

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