Tuesday, August 04, 2009

here's my order

as if it wasn't bad enough that scenes and characters pop out at me all day long in the midst of regular life (ok, i like it, but it's the not being able to sit down and write it all out and the spacing out and forgetting what i was originally talking about that's annoying ;) now Facebook has me thinking in status lines non-stop. for a while, my preschooler was talking in third person (unwittingly creating his own status lines -- ie. "Carson is a fan of the junior chicken" when at McDonalds. (that was worrying ;) but he's over it.
now he's just supplying me with my own

mine from late last night:

Michelle Vandepol is laughing -- ok, the boys all look like dirk, but their starbucks cravings are all hers (littlest guy successfully negotiated for short steamed milk with sugar free vanilla for his bedtime snack ;)

it was very well thought out. "you know what would be good, mom? we could go to starbucks [temptingly way too close to our house] and i could get a steamed milk with sugar free vanilla and you could get a vivanno." ok, sad story. it worked ;) 8:30pm and all i could think of was ... ok, i see your point and the warm milk will probably tranquilize you for the night.

i'm in another flurry of writing (on the book and i should probably be working on articles, but that's how it always is. i should probably not be tuning out to form scenes when the kids are talking either, but that's how it is today)

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