Friday, August 21, 2009

friday feels a bit like monday when you work from home

yesterday was one of those so glad i have friends with pools days ;) the kids and i splashed around for a good chunk of the day at my friend Christina's. it's true -- the pool really does tire one out. good thing i had done my writing, cleaning, and errands in the morning, because I was in bed by 10. (in the summer so not late enough -- with the kids going to bed later -- D and I have what seems like 20min alone)

we're talking about taking a mini getaway in a few weeks to make up for that very occurence.

watched a couple early episodes of til debt do us part this morning. love that show! (and gail's suck-it-up-princess attitude -- the antithesis to self-pity -- embrace your choices or reprioritize)

this morning, continuing on my work (between play-doh and snack distribution) on the speed race to the finish line (hopefully without spelling errors on page one this time ;) to submitting my current fiction.

on the work writing front -- two new interviews to do and the feeling that the media wing of one organization isn't really that interested in getting back to media. (2 + weeks of back and forth and nothing) but writing is like that sometimes. oh well -- their loss. there is always another interesting thing to write about.

on to morning part II (now that nearly everyone's up) coffee on. time to shine.

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  1. Your life sounds so interesting. Sigh for me. :)


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