Saturday, August 22, 2009

end of the day blog reading

home from dinner out for my parent's 35th. have my lower body ready for bed (pj pants) but upper body not (dressy shirt and full make-up) + a few kids passed out on the couches i have to move to their beds. and a cute husband and a good book waiting for me after that

and yet i am checking out blogs. why? well because sometimes you run across something really great and inspiring. rebekah williams from yeebird blogged this:

"Want to help yourself feel happier?Start a blog.Post all your happy photos and write about them.And maybe, just MAYBE, all the bad stuff of the day that you did and said and felt and wallowed in will slink into the background of your thoughts, and you'll realize: I have a pretty stinkin' great life.In that moment, there is happiness."

so true, blogging feels like an online gratitude journal. in fact, my real paper gratitude journal entries are farther between now because of the bloggy medium. so if you are thinking about it, venture out on a limb -- truth be told, it's a pretty sturdy one not too far off the ground (blogger makes it soooo easy)

got inspired at coffee at my brother's house this morning by their renovations so made it that kind of day. (recaulking the tub -- i'm counting it b/c it required a trip to canadian tire ;) and working on (and almost finishing) the kitchen floor.

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