Friday, July 17, 2009

these are the best days of our lives (ok, our summer ;)

back from spending the week at these adorable cabins with my family, parents, grandma, siblings, and the next generation of cousins -- 14 of us in all -- in 4 cabins all next door to each other perched on Lake Hathaway's lakefront. they were, by far, my best days of summer to date -- fishing, canoeing, hiking, swimming, reading, lazing around in the sun, eating in near championship quantities. due to my previously complained about camera, i wasn't on camera duty except to pick up various family members' when i felt like it and shooting whatever fantastic memory was nearby -- the little ones practicing their casting, archery, and badminton or entertaining themselves (and us grown-ups b/c they are so cute) catching minnow bucketful after bucketful. (it was scoop and release this time) the challenging part now is collecting all those family pictures from everyone else's camera cards ;)


  1. Sounds like a fabulous and very memorable thing to do with your family Michelle! Will it become and annual event?

  2. it's looking that way :)


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