Wednesday, July 29, 2009

mr golden sun, you are doing an above average job

It's 11:45 pm and the house is a balmy 30.4 degrees, my friends' facebook status lines are all saying something about the heat, and I think I have started loving the local spraypark even more than my kids do.
It's telling, this weather -- it weeds out the it-can-wait stuff (home renovations), puts a twist in the everyday (dinner still at the table, but with the fan inches away, everyone taking turns hogging it so as to be cool enough to eat their corn on the cob), and makes the days about the real meaning of summer (lazy hanging out with the family days where even the 5 year old is in one place long enough to have some all together now family time, because, frankly, he is too hot to move)
i have an article to write, but i'm thinking the AM will be more accomodating temperature-wise. so good night, i'm off to hog that fan that has moved from tableside to bedside.

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