Sunday, July 19, 2009

library expansion planning in progress

the only thing unfortunate about a week of take it easy holidays is that i've run through my latest big stack of books to read and sunday is one of those days begging for reading. (D was even less fortunate on our getaway -- he forgot his latest faves on his nightstand and was forced to borrow from my stash after the hunting and fishing magazines had been exhausted. needless to say, he did a lot of crossword puzzles instead. we are a classic case of opposites attracting and our reading material is no exception) wishing you a great day of rest and a good read to accompany it.


  1. Had a nice little chuckle over the opposites attract...especially in the reading department. I only giggle because Keith would never read my novels, but he jumps at the chance to read my magazines. I think he sees it as a way of spying on us. Go figure.

    BTW, to answer your question about the labels on my Forward Progress LO. Yes, the labels were stickers by Jenni Bowlin. I LOVE those stickers. Thanks for noticing them. They seemed to just "fit" my theme.

    Thanks for always being so kind and supportive with your comments. Means so much to hear from you! :)

  2. sounds lovely. oh, what i would do for a family vacation right about now.


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