Friday, June 19, 2009


i'm in a good mood.
interviews all sent off for the next few week's worth of articles. (the beauty of e-mail communication) lunch out with two extremely cooperative kids and a few fun to be around moms and last but certainly not least...
last day of school and it's over.
while this summer will still involve chauffering the kids and working in work around them, it will not involve signing planners, dropping off forgotten items at school, or making 4 bagged lunches a day.
i'm planning on a couple of calendar months filled with creativity, relaxation, and fun in the sun.
so, i'm done with the monday to friday madness, but i'm more in love with the kids' school than ever. supportive teachers and fellow parents, happy kids and today's icing -- power point cds that chronicled the kids' individual school years
maybe i should have gifted an entire herb garden instead of the little bird herb container ;)
for the rest of today -- cleaning up arts and crafts debris, doing that (loved/hated) paper route, and chilling as a family. we need to be rested up for the official first day of summer vacation

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  1. YAY for summer! Hope the weekend is a restful, peaceful, fun-filled weekend!


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