Sunday, June 14, 2009

what my weekends are made of

this weekend was the first in weeks that i have hauled out my scrapbooking supplies and worked on my albums. i am often found thinking about crafting. (in the same way that i write down phrases and scenes that come to me, i collect pieces of scrap metal, transparencies, cardboard, and fibres that i can use for scrapbooking -- original and cheapo pages) a friend told me a few months ago that i could probably craft out of dryer lint -- and though i know she was kidding i keep brainstorming, because really -- why should birds have all the fun?

my newest quote (ok, i made it up ;) pictured hanging up on the fridge is: everyday happiness lies in the embrace of good enough.
this weekend was a waterslides, bridal shower (thankfully not one of those ones where trading birth stories takes up the bulk of the time), and having my parents over for dinner. i made what was close enough to moxie's steak salad to fool my taste buds and because i put the separate ingredients in bowls all over the table, for personal taste tailoring, even the kids' huge piles of lettuce etc were wiped clean :)

i cooked a large blade steak (frozen) for 1 hour at 375 degrees F, topping it with a bit of spanish olive oil and sweet and smokey BBQ sauce. i turned the roasting pan around half way through cook time, but didn't flip it. when it was done all i had to do was cut it into sliver strips
assorted bowls ingredients: diced avocado, spicy seed and nut mixture, chunky herbed croutons, diced tomatoes, cucumber diced, herbed feta, green onion sliced, white onion finely chopped.
set out with a selection of dressing. (kraft's sundried tomato and oregano and asian sesame were the hits)


  1. That salad sounds so good! I'll have to try it for sure. Did you know some people actually use used dryer sheets in scrapbooking/card making? They dye it and use it the same way you'd use mulberry paper. I haven't heard of anything creative with dryer lint, though. lol

  2. YUM! That dinner sounds divine! And I totally want to steal your quote...LOVE IT!!!


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