Monday, June 22, 2009

1st day of summer

today's article in this morning and the summer has officially begun.
the rest of the day can be about creativity. bring on the scrapbooking and novel writing :)

8:36pm post script:

yup, it was that kind of day.
more adventures in cooking. (love reminds me of when i, as a newlywed, used to check out stacks of gourmet magazines out of the library and cook my heart out only to find out D was missing his mom's gravy. (note to wives -- avoid cooking any of your MIL's specialities and you'll never have to deal with the comparisons;)
and i continue to forge my own foodie style to this day (12+ years later)

today i tried hand battered onion rings cooked stovetop
(a bit too delish to make during swimsuit season, but no one said i was smart about things like that)

3 bowls:
flour and salt
2 eggs
sml package of 8 grain and seed crackers pressed into crumbs

1 large onion thinly sliced and broken into rings

skillet with a shallow layer of extra virgin olive oil over low-med heat

roll onion rings in flour & salt mixture, then egg, then crumbs
place in oil and brown, turning to do both sides equally (a few minutes each)

let sit on paper towel before serving. great as a sidedish or hamburger topping
or let's face it -- a meal unto itself ;)

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  1. And I too say bring it on! Hope you enjoy! :)


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