Sunday, June 28, 2009

beach camping and mail from dad

this weekend contained a mini camping trip at the beach with a close girlfriend (who also happens to be my cousin -- how fab is that -- we both agree it is like another kind of sisterhood) and our kids. not a boring moment, i can promise you that. lots of sweet ones too, some sitting on the beach (or in my case, it looked more like squats on the beach as my four-year-old kept threatening surrounding tanners with happy-sand-throwing-up-in-the-air) nevertheless, got some vitamin D, fluff reading, and toes in the water (the keys to a good beach visit) hello BC parks photo

my father, best dad ever that he is, sent me the e-mail i opened this morning that contained the stats and stories of famous writers' often decades long paths into steady publishing success. so sweet and encouraging. and something i will definitely look back to when type-plodding along.

wishing you a sunny, slow-down, list-making sunday as well.

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