Wednesday, June 24, 2009

pop-up ideas and venison roast

the thing i love about novel writing is that you are rarely at work when the ideas pop in. today something kicked in when i read a snarky bit of dialogue in marina endicott's Good to a Fault that reminded me of someone i know, a bit more when i came across msn's article on bathingsuits promising to disguise flaws, and a bit more when digging in my garden.
having the discipline to get up early and weave those all into scenes is another matter all together ;)

d and I worked together tonight on dinner (these late summer dinners take up way too much of my brainspace -- cooking them is like that lingering over the bbq table when camping) ensenada savoury pesto wraps filled with strips of roast wild venison, brown rice, shallots, red leaf lettuce, green onion, and sweet and smoky bbq sauce. and dark chocolate for dessert (eaten in secret by the dishes so as not to break the heart of my non-sugar-eating 4 year old ;)

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