Monday, June 08, 2009

romance at the local dub

my husband is home from his annual big deal guys fishing trip (for an idea of the planning that goes into this redneck affair -- this year involved a roast pig and a portable spit and trailer -- no, it didn't cook en route ;) but i don't blame you for asking

the rest of the year, he dons his polo shirt and heads off to his long houred computer job so i'm not going to grudge him his annual farmer-past throwback (plus, i do love roast pig, as savage as it might sound -- unapologetic omnivore that i am)

while absence makes the heart grow fonder, it also lowers the criteria for a fab date. hence, tonight's successful one was a 20 minute "dinner" at A&W following "tour your kid's middle school" night. gotta love those

i'm off to chase my bedtime escapees back into bed with backrubs and bed time treats, earning myself a bit of writing time (typing more of those notes into my digital manuscript) and then reading time (book 2 to the big fat one i read this weekend)

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