Monday, June 29, 2009

this old house

most of the time i love my 70 year old house, but what it has in original glass doorknobs and light fixtures it makes up for in pipes and wires that need to be redone. the re-wiring is completed (insurance insisted) and the pipes are in progress. this weekend a new weak spot was found. thank goodness for handy fathers. mine (retirement party only a week behind him) is headed over today.
writing update for monday, june 29: today's article in. (on wondergroup Hawaiian based Hapa) catch them in Hawaii at Kahala Hotel and Resort in Honolulu when they are not touring and if you are BC based, at the Harrison Festival of the Arts on Sunday July 12. Their tour also includes West Coast US stops and Japan dates later this fall.
a few more article ideas in the works, some magazines to read, kids to play with, house to tidy, and summer wardrobe to plan. that's what my day is made of

Prayer request for my praying friends: a good friend's husband was seriously injured during a quadding competition this past weekend. they are in a hospital away from home. prayers for recovery and comfort.

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  1. You certainly have my prayers for your friend.


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