Thursday, June 11, 2009

in appreciation to my stealth blog readers

The last few days I've been hearing from blog readers in person and e-mail and have to say, thanks you guys :) Writing is a lonely endeavor sometimes (no co-workers to banter with in the middle of night) so it's great to hear my words have an audience. I love to picture you -- like an old school friend who said she gets up in the morning first thing and goes through her favorite blogs. I'm picturing coffee and pj's and kids playing on the floor. Other readers check at work or at day's end. I appreciate every one of you (and don't be hesitant to comment -- we bloggers love it -- it's like getting mail)

This morning, a girlfriend (who shares my love of crops, thrifting, cute purses, and most recently blogging) stopped by to blog at my house. She brought coffee (the way to my heart ;) and conversation and blogged, keeping me company while I folded laundry and ripped up a little more kitchen floor (halfway through lifting off two layers of 70s lino off a beautiful original hardwood floor -- can't wait to refinish it).

Summer holidays are almost here. I'm pysched, but know it will take a bit of creative scheduling to get used to sharing my home work space again. Here's to getting work done and finding time for the cherry on top -- walks to the park, sunny days, and those friends who show up with lattes.

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  1. Hi Michelle,

    Tonight Laura made strawberry shortcake so I jokingly told her she should put it on her blog. Her reply was, "the only kid in the world with a blog is Coleman!".


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