Saturday, June 06, 2009

golden age

i'm not worried about all the scary teen stories people tell me. i know i'm risking disaster by saying so, but i think i used up all the stress one's parents out high jinx. (as did my husband) so my kids won't have any access to it. ok, i'm in full denial. but i have an excuse -- i'm in the (mostly) blissful almost 12 and under phase.
today for example (once i got over breaking up mini WWE matches all morning) we're shopping for video games on the kids' payday (babysitting and paper route money -- hard earned stuff) and the oldest decides to spend the last of his pocket money on starbucks for the family and then throws in an order (short capp and oat bar) for the down on his luck hitchiker by the freeway on-ramp we'd passed 20 min before. he raced it out to the guy while we sat at a red light and i sat thinking, this is making at least 3 days, mine included.

good night all. i'm off to bed with a big fat book. we'll call it fuelling up for my writing (it makes me feel efficient and relaxed at the same time)

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  1. it made another day here just reading about it!


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