Thursday, May 14, 2009

ooohhh... blogging

yesterday i helped a friend set up her blog and remembered the excitement of having one come together (not that i am any less excited now ;) love this place!

stop by hers to show a bit of support and pass her on to friends in BC that are looking for a wedding florist

got my interviews and pitches off today and now am about to start the corral the kids and run them into the dentist day -- always fun -- thankgoodness for those treat baskets of bribery the dentist keeps well stocked (and the magazines in the waiting room for mom)

waiting rooms are also an occasion for both people watching and novel writing (except for the moments the 4 year old wants to operate the drinking fountain)

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  1. I can not thank you enough for your help and support! I have added and changed stuff...I don't know how to add my new business card though...but am playing around with it! I will get the pix on there then I will advertise on Facebook and Hotmail...I am very excited...oh and I got another wedding today...:)


love to hear from you :)