Thursday, May 21, 2009

meeting bloggers in the real world

today i met a class mom also on fieldtrip duty who is also a blogger. how fun is that? check her crafty blog out here. her thrifty posts (look them up under her tag of the same name) are tres inspiring. love tales of garage saling and thrifting that result in fabulous finds and it doesn't hurt that i love her decorating style too.

not lots of actual words to paper today -- (fieldtrip, 4 year old sugar issues, after school playdate, and soccer game to play kind of day) but so excited by a new magazine connection for my freelance articles and a big new writing project a friend and i are currently brainstorming on -- more details to come.

it's 9:13 pm and i have yet to shower the soccer stink off and get those kiddies to bed (thanks to D for feeding them while i was running around the field) it's bound to be a get up early and write day tommorow but that's just another thing i love about my life. (no, i'm not one of those annoying early birds -- d has to hit snooze a trillion times for me every morning -- bless his heart -- but the alone with my words aspect of it makes it all worth while)

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  1. oh wow, thanks!! It was nice to meet you. If the bus wasn't so noisy we could've had an actual conversation. :)


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