Sunday, May 31, 2009

my favorite author is breaking my heart today

It’s Sunday
And dr george tiller was shot as he walked into church this morning
He is a Kansas doctor that famously provided legal late term abortions
It saddens me that he could reconcile his actions with his belief in a God
It saddens me that someone would murder dr tiller (God specifically commands us not to commit murder)
It also saddens me that someone like ayelet waldman, would in the moment of moral and political anguish say publically (on her facebook status line):
“George Tiller, the heroic doctor who provided abortion services to women all over the Midwest, was murdered today. Every scumbag pig who has ever donated a dime to Operation Rescue or any other pro-murder, anti-choice terrorist organization should be prosecuted for conspiracy. May they all rot in hell.”
I’m praying to the God who created all humans – the unborn ones, the on the wrong path ones, and the ones hurting for the confused world – to help us all.

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