Monday, May 25, 2009

how writing fits into real life (or not)

I've just finished Curtis Sittenfeld's "American Wife" this morning having started it late last week. I had to laugh when she says in an interview at the book's end that she gave her parents a special copy with all the sex scenes cut out. I guess I am, in spirit, from their generation, but I would have enjoyed that edition better than this one. That said, Sittenfeld is an amazing writer, capturing scenes of lush description that I will definitely read over again. (having read quite a bit about the Kennedy family, I was aware of lots of parallels between their lives and the Bush's -- (and yes, i'm aware the book was a work of fiction), something I have previously read about (in the much drier the-title-now-escaping-me book about the American royal family)
I also enjoyed in her interview when she talks about how in the writing of her first two books she was also "freelancing and teaching and doing other odd jobs". That is definitely how writing is fitting into my life at this stage in the game. My father once sent me an encouraging e-mail on that very subject saying that it was probably the very hustle and bustle of the rest of raising the kids, bringing home some of the bacon, and getting it on the table that brings all the characters and plotlines and articles ideas to me. So i continue another writing day, long on ideas, short on time -- just like things are meant to be

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  1. You always inspire me with your insight and commitment to the art of writing! XOXO


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