Friday, May 08, 2009

attempting a bit of everything

back from a preschool mother's tea and full of an early lunch of perogies; this afternoon will be tidying the place i have been neglecting for playtime, gardening, soccer, and reading. the good news is that the flurry of spring has not slowed the accumulation of novel notes. putting a fresh sheet of paper on the counter to jot scenes down as they come to me and then playing suzie Q homemaker.

recently finished reads: (they were all 5 stars)

* The Price of Priviledge: How parental pressure and material advantage are creating a generation of Disconnected and Unhappy kids - Madeline Levine PhD
* Rachel and Her Children: Homeless Families in America - Jonathon Kozol
* You look too Young to be a Mom: Teen Mothers speak out on love, learning, and success - edited by Deborah Davis
* The definitive Guide to Stuff White People Like: the Unique Taste of Millions - Christian Lander

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  1. The problem with the mattress idea is I would either have to unplug the clock everytime or otherwise I would have to drag the mattress into the living room. The ironing board still is handier even if it's presently permanently 4 feet off the ground! :)

    As for the coffee table, my newest aquisition is not sturdy as yours is but at least it doestn't take up too much floor space, Cara and Cody are not strong enough to pull it over yet and can roll around the legs :)

    It was quite reassuring to read your "sound proof" comment. Overall you've given me a lot of smiles the last couple days. And that, is worth a whole bunch!


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