Monday, May 04, 2009

afternoon project

late this afternoon, the littlest guy and i tackled painting a bit more on his room. (his older brothers were off doing odd jobs for grandma) i did the slanting ceiling above his desk (it was covered in pegboard when we moved in over a year ago and i've been meaning to paint it ever since so about time ;) he worked hard on the inside of the closet -- i'm thinking we're going to go graffiti/free art theme in there. i was so excited with the outcome of the desk area that i took pics even before the paint was dry. we'll have to wait until we've invested in a larger color selection so he can do the closet justice (a future super fun playdate perhaps)


  1. Tammy6:39 PM

    Room looks awesome. Love the color chooses. Very boy!

  2. LOVE the room! I'm sure it is a hit!


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