Monday, April 13, 2009

easter dinner wrap-up

the whirl of family easter dinners is over. the kids (not too surprisingly ;) loved the loot and it was nice to sit in one place and enjoy time with the family (mine at lunch and d's at dinner) -- which is my favorite way to do a holiday and his conditionally (if i don't stress out and lose my head midday in trying to shuffle kids and gifts and dinner around) understandable ;) thank goodness for his honesty. love that man.

this morning, it is back to work for both of us, a little bit sleepy because we are both bookworms and no one wants to turn off the light at bedtime and do the intelligent thing and get more sleep ;) we'll learn one of these days. (maybe in retirement we can read all night and sleep all day)

i'm off to write an article and some fiction and finally get all my paperwork in order. it's bound to be interrupted by lots of fun with the kids being home from school.

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