Sunday, April 26, 2009

house is overtaken by fort

Mid-sunday, just completed reading a novel my sister lent me yesterday, and d's just put a roast in the oven -- even if the sun wasn't shining, I'd still be relaxed. I'm trying to ignore the disarray the house is in -- the boys are transforming the living room into a giant fort -- but as my friend Monica sagely told me the other day -- one day I will look back to this one and miss it. So I will move to a less cluttered space and jot down a few notes for the time being (because what kid-fort-building lacks in a well ordered space, it makes up for in a few minutes for mom ;)

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  1. I crave order...I actually NEED order. So I can relate to wanting things, well, orderly. But your friend Monica is right. Take of from the girl on the other side of things really do miss it when it is gone. Good for you that you let it be! Hope you have a great Monday!


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