Saturday, April 11, 2009

i'm a winner

i recently won alibris's monthly random draw for book reviewers and ordered half my wish list for free. it was fun, you should try. go to and start a wishlist. It's the best for when you're reading about a book in a magazine or on a blog and you think i want to read that but the odds that your slip of paper with the book details written on it will be kicking around when you are next in a book buying state of mind are nil (oh, is it just me? -- i'm constantly losing little slips of paper -- whole scenes of novel sometimes) when you review books that have not been reviewed yet, you are entered into the draw. while you're waiting to get lucky, enjoy their fabulous retail services. any hard to find book is fairly easily found there.

the first off that stack was Caroline Knapp's Drinking: A Love Story. I had heard good things about it so on my wishlist it went.
here's the downlow: it was fascinating. the only thing that irritated me halfway through the book was how often she used the word drink or drinking (i know, what did i expect? ;) it reminded me of irritating speech -- the way some people use a favorite swear in their conversation, as frequent as an um or ah. but i got over it and reached the end and am glad i did -- Knapp was very translucent in her memoir -- detailing the feelings that went with every episode.
and a lesson for me as a writer -- i admit it -- half the reason i fell for this book was the title. (goes to show, there can't be too much pressure when thinking of one -- it really is key to more sales)

yesterday as I was on the last few pages, my littlest who's at the tail end of four and is getting so interested in reading, was pointing at words and saying what's this and I'd say the words --hungry, sad, and. it was the bigger ones that entertained him though -- cigarette, disappointed, depressed Then he started giggling and pointing out words to make his own phrases with out of order words. tommorow another cigarette (variations on cigarette were the biggest hit for some reason)
a much older version of leap pad and so much more entertaining


  1. hey! thanks for the comment! i sometimes wonder if anyone reads my blog so it's nice to get a comment every now and again:)... happy easter!

  2. The title of the book has a definately intriguing title. What's the title of your next book?By the way, I can't believe you guys have four little ones!

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