Friday, March 20, 2009

today we filled the day with a visit to the Vancouver Police Museum. the kids loved it. forensic blood spatter, solving crime, buying overpriced police themed lego -- the whole thing was thrilling ;) for a girlfriend's birthday, i headed out to the city again (again, not driving -- lucky me :) took in the restaurant Hell's Kitchen for the first time. my recommendations: TOMATO & BOCCONCINI SALAD 9.95 Fresh roma tomato, young mozzarella, cucumber and ripe avocado with red onion, olives and drizzled with basil-infused olive oil and aged balsamic, Sweet Potato FRIES 5.95
House-chipped sweet potato fries served with balsamic reduction and chipotle aioli,

Shiraz-Cabernet Wirra Wirra ‘Scrubby Rise’ - Australia 2007 Hot and full brimming with fruit and spice. Perfect for shiraz lovers. 9, BLUEBERRY TEA $7 (Grand Marnier, Amaretto, Orange Pekoe.) mmm. i'm full but it was worth it.

tommorow morning i'm looking forward to lazy family coffee, some chores with the boys, and some much overdue fiction.


  1. I love Bocconcini but I'm allergic to I put it in regular salad and it one ever does's like it ONLY goes with tomato...pfffft I say...try it in other things!!

  2. Mmmmm.... that menu sounds luscious! I'd definitely prefer that to my planned dinner tonight... oh wait, no plans yet... off I go to attempt something tasty!


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