Thursday, March 19, 2009

today i'm halfway through spring break

and on the boys' paper route the other day (when the four year old was alternately darting out into traffic or sitting in the wagon -- mock hitch-hiking -- yes, people did slow down like they were about to report his coordinates to the authorities ;) it occured to me that contrary to sentimental thought, the mother in I love you forever, (narrative here) is rocking her child in an attempt to self soothe (cuz she was slowly going crazy)

still, epiphany aside, I will continue to love that book and my drive me crazy's day was a mix of fun for all
a visit to my friend elizabeth for a chatty coffee and a peek into her fabulous scrap space (i'm e-mailing her now to beg for pictures to post :)
then off to home to make chicken pitas for lunch and take the kids and a couple of friends to an afternoon of weird science at the local library
(the little guy and i had time for a thrift store jaunt -- scored more play kitchen dishes, books for the boys' easter baskets, magazines for my consumption, and more crafting supplies)
and a couple of fries to follow shopping
thanks to the wonders of freelance work, i could interview this afternoon for next week's article in a lull late afternoon
grown-up dinner tonight -- it's a running joke between my friends and i lately how i have repeatedly gotten out of cooking dinner :) what can i say? my friends know the way to my heart

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  1. That book is so sweet. :)

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