Monday, March 16, 2009

that 4 pm lull

a quiet minute -- 2/3 of the kids are at the movies
time use: premaking dinner to share with friends, logging 1 hr of housecleaning (mostly so i can include it as calorie burning all those carbs and coffee cream today on )
writing the article due today and working on the other due by friday
to do list plodding is rewarding if not thrilling ;)
hope you're all having a great afternoon -- i am even though my dear travelling sister is e-mailing me to gloat about the sunny temps in china that are a tad more summery than this BC drizzle :) love her, will think of a way to get her back


  1. I know, it was kind of a strange post, huh? lol. Practical, but strange.

    I see that you're countin calories? You should join my little series, starting Wednesday. :)

  2. thanks for your comment on my blog! i really like yours, very lovely :)

    my take on the style in vancouver? i haven't really had too much time to watch the streetstyle as i was mostly in the airport, but i love how everyone is so healthy and fit in general in vancouver! i'm thinking a lot of lululemon clothes, right?!



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