Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i got permission from my little travelling sis to post her recent letter here:
i love it -- total word picture -- and wish i was there shopping with her (while simultaneously doing all the stuff i love here :)

Good Morning to you, since I am writing this at 8:30pm China time, Tuesday, it is about 5:30am Tuesday morning for you. Today was another busy day, we have only been here 3 days and it is amazing what we have seen and done. Trichelle was right the sounds and smells cannot be expressed only experienced. Today Trichelle and I took the chingway (think skytrain) into downtown Dalian and went shopping, we walked and took trolleys. Depending which trolley you took you had an ultra modern sleek one or an antique that reminded you of San Fransico. A trolley ride, for any distance, costs 1y, which is about 20cents CDN. We went to the market where there are multiple layers of material and the seamtresses, with individual booths on another level. I am getting 2 skirts made and my standard black skirt is getting taken in, and a pair a jeans I bought today, hemmed...total cost including material is 200y which a little less than 40Cdn. Trichelle and I had fun bartering and shopping for a little of everything. Trying on clothes is an interesting experience, we went to the bra lady, who only sells bras and she whips out this little sheet that you stand behind in the middle of everything and try things on, and every once in a while she peeks her head in behind the curtain, comments and makes the adjustments she feels necessary. Quite the experience but actually fun when you decide you don't care because you don't know anyone anyways. The same thing happened at the seamstress, she moves a mannequin aside and you go behind and get changed behind a row of mannequins. After a full day of shopping we took a trolley and then walked back to the chingway station to meet Breyden, John and Dave, we went shopping for dvds and then out for supper to the marble resturant. I don't know the actual name of the resturant but everything is made out of marble so they call it the marble resturant. You come in and are greeted and taken to an area, with your personal order taker, who records what you want in a blackberry that sends the order to the kitchen. We ordered cashews and shrimp, mussels, rice, steamed brocoloi and fried prawns. The fish is a in tanks and you chose it and they take it out and send it off to the kitchen. We had our own private room, with a waitress who stays it the room and anticipates your every need, I don't think I ever saw the bottom of my tea cup. She also entertains Breyden and refills his plate and gives us clean plates if she thinks yours has too many shells/peals on it. I am sure I am missing lots of details of the day and night but my brain is tired so I think that is all for now, I have lots of amazing pics so far :)love Melis

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  1. shes so great at writing... how neat that you get to keep in touch with her and hear all about it as it happens


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