Saturday, March 21, 2009

another super interesting post from my little travelling sis :) - currently in china

Hi everyone, I realized that it has been a bit since I have updated you on the goings on in China, so here is a brief update on the last few days. Thursday, Dave and I went to the villages outside of town on his motorbike, it looks very similar to where we go for the Mexico missions trip. There are lots of greenhouses, nothing like ours but very effective, so we stopped by one and went inside and met the man working there, he was growing gerbers, so that was a neat experience. Then we came back because Dave had to go to school and I went grocery shopping with Trichelle. A different experience then home, and a neat way to see what it is like for her. To get to the larger grocery store it was a 25 min ride on the chingway, then pack the groceries in to backpacks and reusable bags and take the chingway home. Then after a lazy lunch, Trichelle, Breyden and I walked to a place where I could get a massage, 88y($15) for one hour :) They walked back home so Breyden could nap and I had my lovely massage and then walked home on my own. For a change of pace we stayed at home for dinner and then had a games night.Friday, we had an early start, because we took the chingway into Dalian to go shopping. Today it was Trichelle, John and I keeping the economy going with our shopping, it was a lot of fun bartering and buying gifts...he he...then we took a walk and did some shopping in the outside markets, had lunch and found a starbucks for me. Then we took a taxi to the school where Ruth works and had a tour. It is a forgein national school which means it is exactly the same is BC, but no Chinese students, only students from other countries, I think they have students from 23 different countries at this preschool-9 school. After that we went to see Jim and Ruth's apartment. They live on a big square, by the ocean so we rented bikes for 2 and later bikes for 3 and went biking for an hour. Along our bike ride we came across go carts so we had to have a quick pit stop and try out the go carts....after much sheriking and laughter we went to the "purple" resturant for dinner.Saturday, today the guys got up at 4:30am to go birding and us smart ones didn't leave until 8am, to see the great wall. We took a 3 hour drive with Jim, Ruth, Trichelle, Brendan and myself to Dandong where we meet Dave, John and Tom and climbed a section of the great wall by North Korea. We could see right into north k, it was an amazing thing to walk on the wall. Lots and lots of climbing stairs. Then after lunch the boys went off somewhere else and the rest of us, went into Dandong where there is a bridge to Norht Korea. You cannot cross it but beside it is an old bridge that was blown up in a war in 1950 and the Chinese half of the bridge is still there so we walked on that, it goes out half way across the river that divides China and NOrth Korea. Then on the way home we stopped by a barbed wire fence and put are hands into N Korea and took was an amzing day.In someways it feels like we have been here for 2 weeks already because we have done so much but in other ways we are no where near finished or ready to come home. :)love Melis

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