Thursday, March 26, 2009

another perfect working-at-home-during-spring-break day

not without incident, but perfectly imperfect nonetheless.
wrote fiction this am
met my editor jess midmorning for a starbucks upcoming articles paper meeting (definite perk of not working in the office) and simultaneously interviewed her for my article for the monthly working mom column I do for
took the kids out to Yarrow (a sleepy destination near Cultus Lake) for some skatepark-ing and shopping with their cousins.
back home for one more interview for the above article and then the work of finishing it.
thankfully my guy D also works long hours (his do not get the coffee and shopping breaks mine do -- sad for him) so it's ok that family dinner will be near 9 pm tonight.

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  1. Hi Michelle! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Wow, you are a writer! That's awesome! The ribbon you asked about is by Making Memories. I picked it up at Michael's here in the states. I am excited to check out your column for working moms! Blessing, Becca


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