Thursday, February 26, 2009

thurs at a bit after 4

so, the latest article was a no go (see monday's post) but apparently the magazine is going to reprint a past article (exciting too!)
today is sunny and wintery and i wished a bit too hard for a snow day, no such luck, still had to get everyone dressed and lunchbag equipped and off to school
but ...
(interrupting this post to break the news that the four year old is in the living room telling his brothers "i've always been a writer". ;) -- love it. he is only a bit away from full fledged reading and is obsessed with running off with scrap paper lists and copying things i've written)
had a productive day of writing and interviewing and meeting some mom friends for a playdate for the kids (and copious cups of coffee for us)
after school we had student led conferences at the kids' school (brilliantly charming idea -- it's the first year and I love them -- so much fun to see the gr 3er with his checklist explaining inference and reading me stories.)

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  1. too bad they turned down your idea but at least they're going to reprint you :)and yay for your 4 yr old wanting to write! You must be so proud :)


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