Tuesday, February 03, 2009

i have dreams of writing 9-2 every day, but after a day like today i realize i would probably spend those hours working a bit, getting inspired and distracted by other things, and then procrastinating until i write at night again.
today's putting it off list:
errands, playgroup, thrift store jaunt, house cleaning, reading back issues of the vancouver sun piled high in d's sunroom, googling 2009's trends so i know what i'm looking for at next week's swap, checking out a talented local artisan's website http://www.mypaintedfurniture.com/home

the good news is that my brain and notepad are chock full and the house is reasonably tidy so i'll have no excuse not to write tonight


  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    ahh, yes, the challenge when you have young ones, eh? i too have dreams of creating 9-2 every day.. but am so susceptible to preoccupation (surprise, lol), which leaves me to think is it even possible to accomplish more than i already am?


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