Friday, February 20, 2009

arts and crafts as fuel

there's nothing like one art form to inspire another/
that's the excuse i use for juggling around my to do list yet again

Today I spent the morning at andrea's house. her scrap space was the model of efficiency and has inspired me to tackle my own storage cupboard (next week, maybe?)
something that couldn't wait, however, was executing the idea i came across later in the day (a result of seeing her recently mail -ordered supply kit -- it contained among a stack of beautiful papers and stickers, a set of charming chipboard)
Even faster than mail order (yes, i'm an impatient person) is DIY chipboard. I took apart sets of vintage sewing binding to stock my ribbon cache with unusual threads and used the packaging to create a set of my own.
thanks for the inspiration :)
(and of course the coffee)

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  1. Anonymous4:59 PM

    It's all about inspiring each other! Coffee was wonderful and GREAT job with the chipboard. I just love adorable chipboard shapes!


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