Friday, November 21, 2008

the hours we keep

The work/life balance. It's a constant pursuit of mine. I read everything I can on it, learn from friends who do it well and write on it often.
That said, it's 8pm on Friday night and I am writing my latest article. (granted it's been floating around in my head all day while I was on my other workday) and the writing is broken up by the kids and Christmas cards I'm getting a head start on.
So what's the article on?
How not to be a busy person. (you know, the annoying sort of person who uses busy as a proud adjective to her life)
funny, eh?
But the truth is, you don't have to slow down to a crawl to balance up your life.
Going to bed early. Taking time to walk to the park with the kids. Reading a book. Taking time to inject leisure is a sure way to be pro-active about balance. Still you will have to work ahead to make sure what needs to get done to get done will, but it sorts itself out in the end.
Which is why my work on Friday night makes sense. Tommorow is a soccer and birthday party sort of day, but we're still taking time to meet grandma and aunties for coffee and have friends over for dinner at night.
But every Sunday, like weekly clockwork, I have the day to rest. Church in the morning, seeing friends after, and then a day of self-enforced no-work. It's become the most rewarding and relaxing habit.
Sure I like my life full, but not frantically busy.

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