Tuesday, March 18, 2008

a friendly bit of competition

there are two sides to a little friendly competition. one is when someone outright challenges you and the other is when you are pulled into action by wanting to do what another is doing.
is it that i struggle with or work with being a competitive person or is it a bit of both, the latter being the positive take on the former?
it doesn't even matter if the people i'm competing with/encouraged by (depending on your point of view) are aware of the dynamic. take the business of putting pen to paper for instance. just hearing that a writer friend has pulled an all-nighter or hit their word count every day for a week is enough to up my own production.
it's like when i attempt to make my closets one up on the decor mag of the week organizational article. no one really cares, but it makes me more aligned.
and martha stewart and my writing friends are not threatened by the additional words floating around or the stacked towels in my single linen closet.
but i will continue the game with myself in an attempt to do a little more than i otherwise might have done.

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