Monday, March 17, 2008

the curse of the story concept

I don't know about other writers but when I thought about being a writer as a teenager, I pictured all day lounging about in coffeeshops, writing earnest works, and making regular visits to my personal money tree to fund it all. I did have some of that in college, between the shifts of my two jobs to take care of the tuition bill; but unless I continued going to school forever, childless and on someone else's dime, there was no way I would hit that working fantasy.
The thing about writing is that every time you conceptualize another story, article idea, or job opportunity, there is a temptation to add it to the balls you are juggling overhead already.
Take my brilliant plan to stop working on my book for a month or so while I moved to a new residence (a heritage home we fell in love with, minimizing the piles of work it would take to make it ours). Turns out it didn't stop the ideas from coming. So while I take note of them so as not to forget, more glom on to form additional scenes. It doesn't help that they are now forming little paper stacks around my boxes, taunting me to write them out completely.
Saving me from my idea-induced workaholism is the fact that spring break is officially on. So I will be out and about on outings for the next two weeks cutting writing time way down (but unfortunately encouraging more of those pesky ideas)

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