Saturday, February 02, 2008

I don't know how I'm ever going to escape writing about the mommy life when such good material keeps presenting itself.
Yesterday was a case in point -- I had the 3 year old in tow on an arduous grocery trip and was craving sushi in the worst way. it was before 11 when Mc Donalds is still only serving breakfast but because it was Superstore there is a convienient eating kiosk right next to the sushi stand in the middle of the store. Parking my metal hulk of a cart I consumed my whole styrofoam plate. Even as I was finishing up my shopping, walking the aisles tongue checking for stray pieces of fish and rice on my face, I felt the ridiculousness of not being able to finish the shopping without stopping for this convienience, the latest in line of the wants that quickly become needs (for evidence watch my kids' inability to walk past Starbucks without ordering their short hot chocolate)
My descent into the trendy market consumerism trap wasn't fully realized until i was unpacking my son's play food bribe into the car and realized the mini silver plastic cans were labelled organic. No, apparently even with the recent plastic toy scares, toy manufacturers are not grasping the irony of this.
On the way home I calmed myself down by counting all the children watching their morning cartoons in their 5 point harness car seats en route.

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