Wednesday, June 20, 2007

balancing to do and already accomplished

I have long been a fan of to do lists. I'm a visual person and need the kick in the butt that list is, reminding me to tackle the steps of the projects I have on the go, and to not overlook the tasks that come with everyday family life. The one drawback to to do lists is the feeling that if you keep updating it and being ambitious in its writing, one is never done. On the flip side, the accomplished today list is a tracker of all the things one did do, from the thoughtful and clever that you cannot brag about to someone else, the ridiculous small organizing task that took time away from a job more noticeable, and the small minuate of life that does not show up on to do lists, but is the main obstacle to getting those planned things done. Now, I'm operating with several on the go. There will always be a to do list (because I know I need one to fight my tendancy towards procrastination), but the accomplished list's pat on the back provides me with the impetus to tackle the next easily put-off-able chore.

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